Premium fuel… is it worth it?

We have been having a lot of people asking us, “Steve, do I really have to put premium gas in my Volkswagen?” (or Audi, or BMW, or anything German or has a turbo, or is direct injected).   “It costs too much”. This is the most common complaint of having to put premium fuel in your vehicle. If you drive a premium vehicle, or a sporty vehicle (GTI, Golf R, WRX, Focus RS etc…), you […]

Do you hear a noise?

Don’t ignore those little noises. Usually simple, small fixes can turn into large and extensive repairs. In this case, the issue was caught before any serious damage occurred. It could have been a lot worse. The customer brought their vehicle in with a slight noise coming from the vehicle, almost un-noticeable. Upon inspection, we found the cam chain tensioner had begun to weaken, and wasn’t holding the chain tight enough. The effects of such you […]

VW 2.0TSI Rear Main Seal failures

Another day, another job. Today we present to you a somewhat common issue with 2009-2012 Volkswagen Tiguans, and that is failing rear main seals. Now, we say 2009-2012 VW Tiguans, but the issue can occur on any 2.0TSI Volkswagen, Audi or Porsche (2014+ Macan).   Common Symptoms: Do you have a pesky oil leak that just won’t seem to go away? The leak can range from a couple drops on the driveway to a pool. […]

Billy Boat Exhaust, Now Available!

We are proud to announce that we are now an authorized dealer for Billy Boat Exhaust systems! Steve has a turbo back Billy Boat system on his GTI, and it sounds phenomenal. We will have some videos coming up shortly of installs we are about to do, with before and after comparisons of what the Billy Boat systems sound like. Interested in getting a system for your vehicle? Give us a call!

HPA KW SHS Coilovers

Developed in conjunction with the engineers at KW Automotive, the team at HPA Motorsports provides an out of the box coilover solution that is preset to perform. HPA’s SHS coilovers offer an unmatched balance between handling and comfort. All SHS applications are based off KW’s twin tube low pressure damper design. Embracing KW’s patented valve technology, the high-speed dampening characteristics remain similar to OEM offering a near factory comfort level, while the low speed dampening […]