1959 Volkswagen Beetle Restoration Project

The day is May 31, 2018. We are dropping a customer’s car off at their house, and we stumble upon a VW fan’s paradise.¬† 5 Classic Volkswagen’s parked in a driveway a few houses down. They looked a little tired, and could use a really good cleaning and restoration. We approached the homeowner to see what his plan is for the vehicles.¬† His first words: “Which one?” We get to talking, and he proceeds to […]

Do you hear a noise?

Don’t ignore those little noises. Usually simple, small fixes can turn into large and extensive repairs. In this case, the issue was caught before any serious damage occurred. It could have been a lot worse. The customer brought their vehicle in with a slight noise coming from the vehicle, almost un-noticeable. Upon inspection, we found the cam chain tensioner had begun to weaken, and wasn’t holding the chain tight enough. The effects of such you […]

2017 June Jitterbug

This Sunday we will be set up at the 2017 June Jitterbug event at Fireman’s Park in Niagara Falls! The June Jitter Bug has grown over the years into becoming one of Ontario’s Largest VW shows. With show car attendance peaking over 350, its hard to view all of the cars displayed. In a park setting with plenty of shade, a playground, hiking trails and close to factory outlet shopping malls, it makes for a […]

Headlight Restoration Service

We had a customer come in with a gorgeous Audi A8L (The long version, used as limo’s), and his headlights were dim, and hazy. Fortunately, we offer a headlight restoration service! Check out the difference this service makes! Book your headlight restoration service today for only $69.99! The hazy, dimmed out headlights.   First we wet sand with a very fine, high grit sandpaper, then we buff it with a specialized compound.   Just look […]

Volkswagen and Audi 2.0T Carbon Build up

A common issue we are starting to see popping up on modern GDI (or Direct Injection) vehicles, is excess carbon build up. Normally, when carbon build up starts to get moderate to severe, you may notice your vehicle running rough on initial start up, but eventually, as the car warms up, the idle will smooth out. At times, you may even see your check engine light flashing as your vehicle stutters. ¬†Symptoms more common on […]