Premium fuel… is it worth it?

We have been having a lot of people asking us, “Steve, do I really have to put premium gas in my Volkswagen?” (or Audi, or BMW, or anything German or has a turbo, or is direct injected).   “It costs too much”. This is the most common complaint of having to put premium fuel in your vehicle. If you drive a premium vehicle, or a sporty vehicle (GTI, Golf R, WRX, Focus RS etc…), you […]

Diesel Contamination Issues

Today we have a 2011 Volkswagen Jetta TDI in, that is suffering from Diesel contamination. This can occur from poor quality diesel, filling up with gasoline, or other like not replacing fuel filter, and, in this case caused the high pressure fuel pump to fail. Because of the lubricants in diesel, the high pressure fuel pump does not require oil as it is operating. However, because of contamination, the pump did not receive lubrication, causing […]